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How to use this store


Here’s the homepage:


TO FIND CONTENT – try one of these four methods:

  1. Use the Search Bar as shown in the image above.
    1. You can search for title, size, month, topic etc. The results will be displayed in a list.
  2. Use the Categories lower down the page:


Click on the image to see the contents inside. 

  1. Use the Catalogue page which is a list of all the content available
  2. Browse through the Content Brochure, which is a flip-book of all the latest content added.



  1. You can click on the thumbnail image to enlarge the content.  Note that they are all watermarked to prevent usage without purchase. 
  2. Select the content required by clicking ‘Add to Cart’
  3. Once you have selected all the content you require, click on the gold Cart button as shown in the first image. This button is available on all screens.
  4. Check the contents of your cart.
  5. Remove or add any content accordingly and click ‘Update’.
  6. Then click ‘Checkout’.
  7. If you haven’t used the site before you will be required to create an account. Either login if you have already done this, or use the ‘New Customer’ link as shown underneath the ‘sign in’ box below.
  8. Once this is done you will be taken to a checkout page that shows the list of articles on the right and billing details on the left.
  1. Click the button as shown:
  2. Enter your billing details as prompted:
  3. Click ‘review order’ once completed and then on the next screen click ‘complete order’
  4. Your content will be delivered straight away by email to your email address used for your login.  Make sure you look out for this from  If you have any problems then let us know via email!

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What's in the Content Brochure?

The brochures show a core set of content each month, but there will also be a very large 'back catalogue' of redesigned and updated content that you can choose from too.  You'll be able to find it via the Category sections, or simply by doing a search for the topic or the month.